We made it! We successfully completed our first year of homeschool! It was definitely an experience. There were moments when I wanted to call it quits and throw the kids back in public school. And then there were those wonderful days when I could check everything from my to-do list and the kids happily completed […]


March is Women’s History Month—the month to celebrate women and all of the women who contributed to the rights of women.  For homeschool, Mj studies Women’s History as part of her Social Studies requirement.  So Women’s History Month is not a topic we are only focusing on for one month.  For us, Women’s History is […]


When I was in elementary school, I received my first lesson in cursive writing as early as second grade. Every grade after that, we were expected to read cursive writing and write in cursive. When my children attended public school for their elementary school years, there wasn’t a great emphasis placed on cursive writing like […]


I think one of the most challenging things about being a Stay-at-Home-Mom (SAHM) is trusting your partner to financially provide for your family.  Prior to marrying my husband, I was a single mom of my two older children Elijah and Mj.  From the age of 17, I always had a job. As a single parent, […]


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